intuitive coaching

Do you want to resolve certain resistances? Remove a recurring pattern? Understand a crisis and overcome it? Make a change in your life?


My intuitive listening can help you to become aware of your own strength and creativity and to find first steps to go in a new direction. With my support, you can quickly direct your attention to a deeper level of your questions. Mostly one session is enough to get a lot of ideas for your further practice. If you live far away a coaching via telephone or Skype is a good option.


Single session. A single session lasts 60 minutes.
In person, by telephone or Skype.

Dates on request. Cost € 80.

Three-month coaching. If you want to work through a specific theme, want to achieve a specific goal, or want to change something in your life. Seven sessions of one hour each, personal homework, the possibility of short telephone inquiries.
In person, by phone or Skype.

Dates on request. Cost € 600



For example

You finally want to declutter your apartment.
Make a major change in your professional life.
Clarify the relationship with your parents.

Voices of participants

"Wonderfully sensitiv, calm and clear Thomas could lead me to my own questions, support me to look at them and bring up the answers that dwell in me as treasures to recover." Berit Schreiber, Germany


"Thomas can hear in depth and help to penetrate trough to the one's own, individual solution and to discover one's own potential ... “ Susanne Oertel, painter and nurse, Switzerland

"Thomas ... gets to the core.... the essence and everything can happen with effortless ease."                        Theresia Ahiaba Obermeyer, teacher and eurythmist, Germany


"It is certainly not easy to assist a person in need by phone, but you did it!  The telphone sessions, wich allowed a lot of silence, gave me the strength to think differently, to see the familiar in a new light. The "Idea of Light" is still a help for me." Gertrud Becker, Portugal