Feedback from workshop The Art of Intuitive Playing in Ponec Teater in Prague



1.     Is this workshop useful for your personal growth or rather for profession, or both?


2.     Did you learn/experience something new during the workshop?






For me personal development and profession are parallel. I believe that pedagogue should work on pesonal growth his/her whole life.


A new view of old things.


I think that everybody should experience this workshop. Your target group shouldn’t be only pedagogues and dancers…




Both – and it interconnects perfectly J


Rather, I gained a new insight into situations I already know. Thanks to the workshop I am able to see these situations in a new light.


Deepening and development of my experience.




My reason for being here is professional but in reality it is so connected that both.


Yes, I found a lots of inspiration and awarness (reflection) of both work and myself.




Mostly for my personal growth but for other use as well.


Yes, a great deal of things, for example that we constantly have to make things harder for ourselves. I also realized a lot of things during the workshop.




I needed the workshop profesionaly – inner need for inspiration. It also meant a lot for my personal growth - thought it was not initial need.


Plenty of new inspiration, how to create new things. Different points of view, new relations and contacts. It has been a long time, since I played so much J




Both, it is always connected, movement, sharing, community. I would like to walk this path with patience and joy.


Team activities were more interesting for me than usual, continuation of what was pleasantly started in a space, social skills that need to be developed, opening up in safe environment.




I discovered and named a lot of things for myself, that I might have  already inuitively known but which were hidden somewhere. Now, thanks to the workshop I can work with these discoveries.Thank you for such an inspiring workshop.




Personal and I hope it will also result in professional.


More than bringing something new, it helped me to smooth what was already whithin me. I call it grinding of diamond. J They are things that relate to dance and work with a group.


It appeared somewhere – I know Thomas and I was even more interested in a project Dance to Schools.  Which, I admit, I did not know before. J


It was amazing, I am refreshed and I want to stay here with You J




I discovered a lot about my own feelings and experience while alone and in a group. I gained better awarness of my actions and actions of others and recognition of my reactions to situations – how do I feel and why, what does it do with me and so on. I think, that all of this is important for personal development and for a profession of a teacher- guide, who should be aware of a situation and sense a mood in a class and at school, between children in a collective.




Personal and professional. Dance/movement is my passion on a personal level. Creativity has an important place in my life and at the same time it interconnects with my work in a forest kindergarden (intuitive pedagogy), scenography and physical theathre.


Mainly art of cooperation, work in a group, common breathing, tuning and self observation through my reactions to the team activities.




For me, the workshop meant mainly a time for myself. I had an opportunity to feel a joy through playing and experience time without a must to do anything, to enjoy an energy of a group, cooperation and common meditative atmosphere. For me, a personal growth is very connected to professional, so both.


Everything we did and talked about are things, that I feel I already knew, but it is always good to remind and experience them again. When I teach I offten find myself doing something I don´t want to and it is the same in comunication with my own children. It is good to bring this into a game, realize it and somehow work with it.




The workshop was more important for my personal growth and a little bit also for my profession. I took in how Thomas structures  work with a group and supports specific atmosphere, how he works with time. It is possible, that I will use some of the exercises for a work with children or adults.