intuitive coaching


Most people as well as organizations have far more resourses as they currently make use of.


Tapping these resources means: creativity, vitality and growth.



If the flow is blocked and crises, problems and difficulties have become the focus, it is time to reflect on one's resources.

Moving stones out of the way, getting feelings back into flow and to taking new steps in a self-determined direction



I rely on many methods instead of practicing one particular method.
Every situation is unique.



 I like to and do often listen "in between" and thus get an impression of the yet unlived potential.




Ernestness and ease.                                                                                                   Go for it!

            Depth and humor.                                                                           Finding next steps. 

                     Slowing down and intensitfying.                                    Untying knots.

                                               Overview and Detail.                Going to the core.        

                                                                        Wisdom and Simplicity