VOices about coaching

 "Wonderfully sensitive, calm and clear Thomas could lead me to my own questions, support me to look at them and bring up the answers that dwell in me as treasures to recover." Berit Schreiber, Germany


"In individual the sessions, it straight goes to the pointcore.  Thomas can hear in depth and help to penetrate throughdraw close to one’s the very own, individual solutions and to discover one’s my own potential – with very practical first steps and with foresight. Thus the situation that felt so hopeless becomes a door to a new horizon ... “  Susanne Oertel, painter and nurse, Switzerland

"Thomas with his different skills enables you to enter unexpected realms that lead to deep experience and healing. He gets to the core.... the essence and everything can happen with effortless ease."

Theresia Ahiaba Obermeyer, teacher and eurythmist, Germany

"In his attentive listening Thomas Pedroli captured the essence of what I myself  did not yet have so clear in mind . He reflects it gently step by step. For example by asking questions, so I can discover it by myself or through images that resonate in me."
Heike Kretschmer, Musician, Germany


"I experience Thomas Pedroli in his work as a coach as open and focused at the same time - a mix that I appreciate. It is so inspring and expanding because through it I come into contact with my own resources." Ines Neumann Fievet, speech therapist, Germany


"... If helping is an art, then I have great respect for his art style."
Marcel Millárik, male nurse, Slovaki


"...great for me was the kind of feedback Thomas gave to me, it was so precise and accurate!”
Helena Bergmann, teacher, Switzerland


"It is certainly not easy to assist a person in need  by phone, but you did it! The telephone sessions, which allowed a lot of silence, gave me the strength to think differently, to see the familiar in a new light. The "Idea of Light" is still a help to me. "Gertrud Becker, Portugal