voices about workshops

 “Thomas is for me a huge inspiration. Most of all he inspired me in my work with intuitive communication that I now do in my own workshops since more than 4 years ago. He listens carefully, with an open heart. This is what I learn from him. He changed my way of communication and brought light, courage, sensibility and understanding to my life.”

Jana Kusiková, teacher and workshopleader, Slowakia.


 "... When we dared to open some of our inner landscape to Thomas, suddenly we had a real example of the inner silence of a listener ... and at once you could accept yourself, and ...see yourself as you really are and find your own solutions...
Real listening. Today soo rare ... and soo healing. "
Katarína Králiková, university lecturer, eurythmist, Czech Republic.


 "- Very good structure of the respective units, good balance between concentration and relaxation, exercises optimally adapted to the respective situation
- Careful listening, atmosphere of great concentration and clarity, quickly coming to the heart of the matter and in going depth
- Building a lot of peace, respect, a great openness and lightness, which enables everything and creates trust on solutions
- "Gesamtkunstwerk", you feel well cared for and supported, also beyond the session itself"
Frauke M., art therapist, Germany.

 „… and when I trust and act accordingly, amazing things happen, synchronicities occur. Anyone is capable of it if they train it. … Thomas showed me through playing how that can feel. That's why there are no words for it. Because I understand it with my perception. To understand it, it just requires this: trusting myself!...I thank Thomas from my heart, who awakened this perception in me."
Maco Nakamura, USA, Japan.

“In the group sessions on the subject of money there were lots of eye openers. E.g. dealing with money reflects my own self esteem. It also showed us some deep-rooted attitudes that express themselves directly in our behavior with money -
lack or abundance

Heike Kretschmer, Musician, Germany


"It was so much fun to be host, workshop leader, organizer and participant at the same time!!! To speak deeply, to paint playfully, to be in this environment - just wonderful!"

Susanne Oertel, painter and nurse, Switzerland    


"In an everyday life where tears usually overwhelm my environment and tend to be interpreted as weakness, it has particularly moved me, how welcome tears were in the Fireplace Seminar. This is really beneficial - when feelings find their place and processing becomes possible."

Stephanie Pirschl, doctor, Switzerland