Training Intuition

Training our Intuition


In all day life deep relaxation and a clear awareness generally exclude themselves. When we relax, we tend to be dreamy and when we focus, we easily become to much tension in our bodies. In training our intuition, we do what seems impossible at first: we practice both simultaneously. In many exercises and playing we get at least two instructions that contradict each other. For instance, focus on your feet and do something else with your hands, or be in a natural flowing and avoid meeting a person, or throw a stick precisely by releasing without any effort. In doing so, we create space for New and intuition becomes possible. One of the wonderful characters of this kind of learning is the intense joy that is generated. This joy makes it possible to go through and overcome hindrances and blockades that under other circumstances are just too fearful or difficult to encounter.  Joyfully practicing in a community opens many doors of development.