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Over the years, I have seen many individuals practicing Intuitive Pedagogy, who have grown more in alignment with their own lives. They have found meaning in their actual situation, or if this was not possible, they have started to change their circumstances. Many times, the changes seemed ‘unexciting’, but were, in fact, deep and sustainable. Happiness does not mean everything is always sunshine. Happiness means we are able to deal with both sunshine and rain, in a creative, intelligent and joyful way - and then take the next step. When we are able to integrate these polarities into an active wholeness, with grace and ease, this is intuitive.

 Intuitive Pedagogy in Zhuhai, photo: Zhiying Deng
Intuitive Pedagogy in Zhuhai, photo: Zhiying Deng

About the author: Thomas Pedroli, was born in 1957 in the Netherlands. After studying to be a Waldorf teacher, he met Pär Ahlbom in 1980. Thomas worked as a music teacher and class teacher in Waldorf Schools in Germany and the Netherlands. He initiated the Intuitive Pedagogy with Pär in 2003, and has taught with him in more than 50 Intuitive Pedagogy seminars. Since 2015, Thomas has been working freelance as a lyre-player, seminar leader, and intuitive coach in many European countries, as well as, Japan and China. In 2018, he published the book, Gespräche mit Iris Johansson (Talks with Iris Johansson).


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