What does an Intuitive Pedagogy training look like?

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What one needs in order to create an Intuitive Pedagogy seminar:


• a group of people (12 – 80) that come together voluntarily

• a facilitator trained in at least two different areas, such as playing and communication, playing and painting; or two or more facilitators, each representing one field of practice. Playing and body exercises are the centerpiece of Intuitive Pedagogy and will occupy most of the seminar time.

• enough space for movement

• enough time (e.g. three to six days)

Intuitive Pedagogy in Giffu (Japan), photo: Thomas Pedroli
Intuitive Pedagogy in Giffu (Japan), photo: Thomas Pedroli



Why is voluntary participation emphasized? In many schools, trainings, and working environments, people are often given mandates and instructions that they are obliged to follow. In a training of intuition, this kind of approach simply does not work. Only if we practice out of free will are we able to initiate change.


Ponec Prag, photo: Thomas Pedroli
Ponec Prag, photo: Thomas Pedroli


Accompanying the body-oriented work with at least one other discipline has proven to be a very significant enhancement. To date, body-oriented work has been combined with the following: painting, singing and voice exercises (the Werbeck method), theatre, arts, and communication. Through the combination and interaction of two disciplines, both can develop with more ease.


Having enough time is a crucial requirement. Growing and learning processes are completed in the night when we sleep as well as during the seminar breaks, when we are not thinking about what we are learning or preoccupied by it. Having adequate breaks is invaluable for this kind of work. Although it is per-haps hard to imagine, the breaks during an Intuitive Pedagogy training are as important as the sessions themselves. Because of this, we do not create the program with a non-stop schedule that has 5-minute breaks (as if to get as much as possible out of the rest of the schedule), but instead, we create more breathing time with longer breaks in order to digest what we have experienced. A seminar of more than one day is necessary, precisely because we need the time spent during our night’s sleep to accomplish intuitive learning.




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