Spread your wings...

…ready for take of?


 The formats Workshop and Fireplace Seminar can be held with one or more topics.


 If what you find here is not exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can develop something suitable.

Intuitive Coaching

You already bear the solutions and answers to your questions within yourself.

That is the reason why usally you don’t really need good advice about your questions and problems but rather a close listener who helps you to look at what you have previously avoided.



Workshop. Intensive experience in a short time. Getting new insights. Being in contact with others.

Play – move - speak – laugh!

In-house Training, Team retreat. Developing visions with your colleagues – experiencing the group afresh.

Fireplace Seminar

A seminar at your home?


Of course! We can do it!


Homely, spontaneous, uncomplicated.

Couple Coaching

Very happy relationships also go through crises.

Mostly this is a challenge to grow.

Not just to stay where you feel comfortable, but to expand your heart!


Conflict Management

 Sometimes a conflict is entangeled so much that nothing moves. Help from outside can be a solution.


 A conflict can be an opportunity for the further development of all those involved.