Conflict Management

A problem that often occurs in conflicts is that the focus is strongly targeted on the conflict partner. Conflict resolution occurs when each person refects on their own role in the conflict and works on resolving it. This process is fundamentally different for each of the  parties in the conflict. So if two people are involved you really can speak of two different conflicts.

A conflict is a situation in which everyone can individually grow.

Since growing is a matter of freedom it is a necessary precondition that the conflicting parties explicitly agree on seeking support. In order to avoid the conflict mediation itself becoming part of the confrontation, it is advisable previously to define the goals together.




"Thomas Pedroli? Competent! You can sense it already at the beginning of a mediation. He is professional (in the positive sense) and able to hold the space even in the most tense situations. He becomes quite clear if necessary, and nevertheless always radiates calm and sovereignty. "
Wolfgang Hermann-Kautter, Former managing Director FWC, Germany