fireplace seminar

Simply organize you own seminar!
Fireplace Seminar

A seminar at your home? Of course! We can do it!

What you need

A living room large enough to sit together.


Enthusiasm for the theme you choose.


Know how long it will take.


A little bit of organization.


It starts like this

Choose a topic.


Find a date with me.


We design a format that suits to your situation.


We agree on how we will advertise the event.

Who will come?

You invite friends from your network.


By email, phone, social media and by simply talking about it, you will attract just the right people.


Voices of participants



“It was so much fun to be host, workshop leader, organizer and participant at the same time!!! To speak deeply, to paint playful, to be in this environment – just wonderful!”
Susanne Oertel, painter and nurse, Switzerland



"In an everyday life where tears usually overwhelm my environment and tend to be interpreted as weakness, it has particularly moved me, how welcome tears were in the Fireplace Seminar. This is really beneficial – when feelings find their place and processes become possible." Stephanie Pirschl, doctor, Switzerland