In my workshops I make sure that a balance is created between moving and sitting, exercise and theory, earnestness and ease. Through the interaction of movement and content intuitive insights arise in play and agility permeates the thoughts. This often has a revitalizing effect. I offer a variety of topics that can be combined with each other.



Internal training, in-depth conference
If you have a particular concern with respect to an internal training, in-depth conference or theme day, I encourage you to ask what I could contribute.


Voices of participants

 “Thomas is for me a huge inspiration. Most of all he inspired me in my work with intuitive communication… He listens carefully, with open heart.”
Jana Kusiková, teacher and workshopleader, Slowakia.


 "... When we dared to open some of our inner landscape to Thomas, suddenly we had a real example of this inner silence of a listener ... and suddenly … you find your own solutions...”
Katarína Králiková, university lecturer, eurythmist, Czech Republic.

- "Gesamtkunstwerk", you feel well cared for and supported, also beyond the single session!"
Frauke M., art therapist, Germany.

„… and when I trust and act accordingly
amazing things happen, synchronicities occur. Anyone is capable of it, if they train it. … Thomas showed me through games how that can feel.”

Maco Nakamura, USA, Japan.